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Forbes: Companies Making An Impact On The World

Five Young Companies Making An Impact On The World To Watch In 2019

Cognetivity’s AI in Healthcare

Cognetivity's CSO discusses the benefits of AI in improving healthcare outcomes

BBC Business Live

Dr Habibi interviews on the BBC

The BBC interviews Sing Habibi on Cognetivity's platform technology, the ICA

Drugs and dementia discovered early

DW interviews Tom Sawyer on the importance of early detection

Heroes in Heath Tech

Dr Sina Habibi discusses the importance of the early diagnosis of dementia, taking us through his AI solution, Cognetivity

The Star reports on the ICA

App-based dementia test a new tool for early detection

Cognetivity on the BBC

CEO Secrets: Think about your customers' needs from the start

Cognetivity Discussed in the Guardian

How health tech could help in the early diagnosis of dementias

Live interview with Midas

6th June 2018


6th June 2018

New Scientist interviews Cognetivity CEO

6th June 2018

Winners of the AXA Health Tech + You

5th June 2018

Biotech and Money

5th June 2018

Health and Wellness: AI iPad tech to transform dementia detection

1st June 2018

Winners of CambridgeElevator award

1st June 2018

The Metro discusses Cognetivity

1st May 2018

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