Consumer performance monitoring

  • Critical roles – e.g. pilot
  • Sports performance – e.g. motor racing
  • Sports injury monitoring (e.g. concussion)
  • Recruitment

Professional performance monitoring

  • General personal monitoring
  • Brain Training
  • Brain stimulation
  • Personal performance optimization

Extend applications (with adjunct technologies)

  • Use machine learning algorithms to improve sensitivity/selectivity
  • Use ICA in TBI, MS or Parkinson’s
  • Lewy-body Dementia
  • Use in ADHD
  • Use in other neurological / psychiatric conditions
  • Use to support monitoring of treatments – rehabilitation, clinical trials

Extend applications (incremental)

  • Add VR capability for motor impaired
  • Combine ICA and EEG for more sensitive detection
  • Combine with Auditory stimuli
  • Combine with MEG and fMRI for secondary care applications

Abbreviations: ICA – integrated cognitive assessment. TBI – traumatic brain injury. MS – multiple sclerosis. ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. VR – virtual reality. EEG – electroencephalography. MEG – magnetoencephalography. fMRI – functional magnetic resonance imaging.

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